Tragedy struck as I moved out of my dorm room and took the long drive home from Wisconsin to New Mexico this weekend. My parents came to help me move and while I was taking my last final of the year they packed all my boxes into the car. I had left a pile of things that needed to be packed close to the top for easy access and told my parents to let ME pack that pile. When I got back from the final my mom told me that she had packed it very carefully and put it all close to the top. We got in the car and got on the road and low and behold my Knit Picks Harmony interchangeable needle set is nowhere to be found. Worse, I keep many of my most used notions in their pouch with them. My mother was certain that she packed them and insisted that I would just have to wait the THREE days until we got home to find them. Not as terrible as it sounds. I had two projects with needles in them, the baby sweater, and Andrew’s pair of socks that he gifted me for the summer. I finished all the pieces of the baby jacket but couldn’t sew it up because my darning needles were in the Knitpicks case. Still OK because the sock got me through the rest of the trip. When I got home and went through everything… no Knitpicks needles! One of my roommates still hasn’t moved out yet so I’m praying she find them but she hasn’t answered my message to her yet and I’m unreasonably worried.

In other tragic news, the sweater that I’m making for Andrew is WAY too big WAY.. as in 5 inches too big! I swear I swatched. I must have been under super stress that day because I know I was on gauge for the swatch and now the sweater is suddenly a 42” chest… Andrew is stick skinny. The whole thing has to be frogged and I’m going to look for a different pattern because I can’t bring my self to start this one again just yet.

To comfort myself I just cast on for the Nintendo Cozy from the Stitch n’ Bitch page-a-day calendar. Hopefully it will help take the edge off.

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