A major acomplishment

Sorry for the extended absence. Like I mentioned last post, my brother has usurped my digital camera for the semester because he is taking a digital design class and needed one (which means I’m out a camera until mid-December–tell me how that’s fair.) So I’ve been reluctant to post because all the pictures I have are taken on my phone camera and therefore suck. However, some exciting things have happened recently and I wanted to share them. (I might actually post with some frequency until I’ve told you about them all!) The first, and most exciting thing is not knitting related: I FINISHED ANDREW’S QUILT!!!! (Sorry for shouting, I’m just really excited.)


Over two years ago, Andrew asked me if I would make him this quilt because like all scientists/men he loves dinosaurs. I think he’s read Jurassic Park about 100 times and Lost World about 200 more. (I’ve tried to convince him that Land Before Time is the best dinosaur movie of all time but to little avail.) Anyway, he fell in love with the quilt and asked for it. I had planed to give it to him on his birthday, November 19, 2007. I was totally on track too. I started early Summer of ’07 and had the entire quilt pieced by September 2007. Then I got the bright idea to use my (then) brand new fancy sewing machine to do a very fine stipple stitch for the background quilting… Very Fine… 2.0mm fine.


Two years later, it’s finally finished. Obviously I didn’t work on it very consistently in the two years (sometimes I just couldn’t bring myself to even look at the d**n thing) but I estimate that when it’s all said an done the stupid thing took about 40 hours just to quilt. But now it’s finished (don’t worry I gave Andrew a different present for his ’07 birthday. He hasn’t been waiting for two years…) and it’s in Wisconsin keeping Andrew warm through his last winter there.

Here is a close up of each of the different types of blocks.




The Triceratops is my personal favorite but Andrew likes the T-Rex (go figure.) Since finishing the quilt I’ve done quite a bit of knitting so there will be another post coming soon to describe that… with equally poor pictures.

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