You’ve been flashed


You’ve just been stash-flashed. That is a giant pile of all the yarn I own as of the new year. Actually, it’s not all the yarn I own because there is still some at my parents’ house in New Mexico that has never made it up to me…

I decided that my previous stash organization of “shove yarn in closet or under bed” was not working so well because when I wanted to work from stash I had to comb the apartment looking for the skeins I wanted all with added uncertainty because the yarn might actually be in the New Mexico stash.

I decided to take action. I pulled out every skein of yarn in my apartment and piled it on the floor to survey.


Then I organized it by weight into big plastic tubs. In the end I filled four 66 gallon tubs plus one and a bit of two 45 gallon tubs. I would like to say that this experience has staved me off of ever buying yarn again, but it has not… There is a Knit Picks order on its way to me as we speak… In my defense, two of the skeins coming are needed to finish a project that I underestimated yardage needs for (and the other 15 were being clearanced.)

If you would like a detailed accounting of what exactly is in my stash, my ravelry stash is completely up to date as of last night.

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