Happy Halloween

Two years ago my brother was looking for a Halloween costume, but couldn’t find anything to fit his giant 6’10” body.  Enter my awesome sewing skills and Burda 2471.


Get it… a really tall Napoleon… Ha.  The pattern is only sized for men up to 6’3″ so I had to alter ever pattern piece 7 inches longer.  I added the length along the waist “lengthen here” lines.  If I had used the lines for lengthening the chest Adam would have ended up looking like a flying squirrel.  I made the britches, vest, jacket, and even the hat.  Adam bought the boots.

Just for a size comparison, here’s what I look like wearing the jacket.


It’s a wee bit big on me.  Adam was down town running a muck this Saturday in costume and I guess many people stopped him to take a picture with the giant Napoleon.  It’s a very good thing Adam likes this costume.  It was a pain in the $&@ to make given the intricacy of the pattern and all the alterations I had to do.  I told him he has to be Napoleon for at least 2 more years before I’m ready to undertake making a new costume.

What was your Halloween costume?

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