How many more pictures of garter stitch can you all withstand before you leave me and never come back?  A few more I hope since all I’ve been working on for the past couple days is my arroway.

Nothing but miles and miles of stripy garter stitch.  I did get to the point where the stipes go from 1×1 to bigger green stripes.  This means I am close (4 rows) to adding the arrow border.
Originally, I was excited to get to the arrows because I thought the colorwork would provide some interest.  Then I realized that the colorwork is worked flat which means I will have to strand in front on the wrong side.  No me likey.  This has become more a project of will power than of true enjoyment, but I will prevail.  I’m even likely to finish before February, my self-imposed deadline.  Fingers crossed.

2 thoughts on “More?”

  1. Yep, still here! Good luck with the colorwork bit. I once, like five years ago, bought enough Rowan yarn to knit a whole colorwork sweater, but still haven’t done it. The pieces are worked flat and that combined with the sticky yarns (tapestry and kid classic) was enough to put me off. I’ll have to find something else to do with that yarn.

    1. Wow, a whole sweater of flat colorwork. That sounds like less fun the taking a knitting needle to the eye. I’m very glad I only have 10 rows (only 5 ws rows)… though they are ~400 sts a piece.

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