Lost and Found Girl

Are you a fan of Seinfeld? You should be.  It’s funny.  Trust me.  There is an episode where Elaine becomes obsessed with the idea that Jerry is “Even Steven.”  Whenever something bad happens to him, something good happens to balance it out and vice-versa.  Elaine tosses one of Jerry’s $20 bills out the window, 5 minutes later Jerry finds a $20 in the pocket of an old coat.  I have a similar sort of super power–I am Lost and Found girl.

I am constantly losing misplacing my stuff, but it always comes back to me.  My purse has been left in innumerable dressing rooms, or draped over the back of restaurant chairs.  Traveling there’s 50/50 chance that something will be left in a hotel room.  Every time I’ve called and either been able to get the item shipped to me, or I was close enough that I could swing back and get it.  One time, I even lost misplaced my iPod for 3 weeks before it turned up in a bar.  I walked in (after having not been there for three weeks) and the bartender, who I didn’t know, looked at me and said “I have your iPod here.”  It helped that there was a photo of me set as the wallpaper.

I think that there are people in the world with certain types of luck.  My grandma wins things in her church raffel all. the. time.  Way, way, way more than probability should allow for.  My father can always always find a good parking spot.  Even if the lot is completely full, someone in the front row will back out just as he’s driving by.  And, for whatever reason, I misplace things, but they’re never lost for good.

Such was the case recently with my Lissajous Socks.  I have one sock finished and am doggedly working on the second.  After knit-night several of the knitters get together for dinner.  One week, we went to Red Robbin.  The next week as I’m putting my knitting bag together to get ready for knit-night my socks are nowhere to be found.  I check at the knitting shop that night and they’re not there.  I call Red Robbin and the man who answers the phone tells me that there is absolutely nothing matching my description in the lost and found at all.  Liar.  I drive over to the Red Robbin and low and behold, my socks are sitting at the bottom of the lost and found where they have probably been all week.

They were wet (I think they were probably found when the floor was being mopped) and dirty but they were certainly there.  If they had really been lost I would have been out about $27 in yarn as well more than 30 hours of work.  I’m a bit steamed that the lying-liar-McJerk who answered the phone straight up told me that my socks weren’t there when they clearly were.  If I were a more trusting sort of person, I’d be screwed and my socks likely would have been tossed out after laying lonely an unclaimed for weeks.

These socks are too awesome for that.


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