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Guys, before I was a knitter I was a sewer. I have a very nice sewing machine that I splurged on when sewing was my major passion. I also have quite a large fabric stash from back in the day.  Since I fell in love with knitting, my sewing has slowed down considerably and my fabric stash has just been sitting around.

Recently I decided that having all this fabric just sitting under my bed and in my closet (out of sight out of mind) is no good. It either needs to get used up or go to a good home. So, this week, I pulled out two boxes and took stock. Then I turned to Pinterest and found this tutorial and decided it would be a perfect project for getting back into sewing.

One of the coolest things about this pattern: you’re almost certain to have the pattern pieces lying around your house already. Here’s Mine.

I found some blue and purple seersucker fabric in my stash that I now have no idea what I bought it for. I decided it would work well for this project. I only used about half a yard of each fabric. I forgot to take in-progress photos, but here is the finished bag:
It’s fully lined meaning there are no exposed seams and the handles are double-thick so they feel very sturdy. In the picture above the bag is holding about 600g of yarn. 4 skeins of bulky yarn and 4 skeins of fingering weight yarn. I’ve been using it to carry my iPad, fingerless glove project, sock project, and two shawl projects, plus various papers and a book to the yarn shop with me this week and it is working perfectly.
The bag whips up very quickly. I sewed it over two days because I did some other running around in between, but it is probably a 2.5 hour project. I might make more to use as grocery bags. They are very sturdy.

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