Purple Gray Rose

Hats are my favorite type of project to make. They’re quick. They’re useful. You can try new techniques. You can use bold colors. They’re just the perfect fast-satisfaction project.

I finished Thea Colman‘s lovely stranded hat Gray Rose in two days. It’s the magic of hats. The big flower petals are fun to make, there are some very long floats though. To avoid a sloppy inside and avoid snags I trapped the float every 5 stitches. I duplicate stitches the yellow centers on after I was done making the hat.

I used Bumblebirch yarn Quill DK for the two main colors. The purple is “Blackberry” and the off-white is “Fog.” I really love the depth of color that Bumblebirch achieves with her kettle dyes. All of her yarns have a nice tight twist while still being uber soft.

I use one of these pom-pom makers to make all my pom-poms. The hat decreases very quickly and I think the pom-pom brings the top together nicely. These faux fur pom-poms have been all over lately and I’ve been considering changing to one of them. What do you think?

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