Salute to Fractal Danger

Ladies and gentlemen, please pour one out for my lovely sweet Fractal Danger, taken from me (by public transportation) too soon! She was a darling of a little scarf. She was made from yarn that I hand dyed in March of 2009 at Bjorklunden with my college knitting club. You know, like all the cool kids were doing in 2009.

The yarn, Knit Picks Bare Gloss Fingering, dyed with KoolAid, waited patiently in my stash for the right project. At 70% merino wool and 30% silk the yarn has a real shine to it. The KoolAid dye created nice summery pastels that reminded me of a flowerbed. When I saw Martina Behm‘s Fractal Danger pattern, I knew this skein would make the perfect spring time scarf.

Sadly, I can’t really show her to you because somehow in the juggling of purse, backpack, knitting project, hat, mittens, and sanity on the train, this beauty managed to get left behind. All I have are a few selfies from right after it came off the needles–not even blocked–and a few pictures of it on the carpet just after the blocking pins were removed.

The pattern was so fun to knit. It’s actually a rare pattern I could see myself making again (something I normally dislike!) The scarf is shaped with short rows, so you are never working on that many active stitches at once. That makes it feel like the rows move really fast. (Anything that makes you feel like your knitting is progressing quickly is a special kind of satisfying.)

I was so happy with the finished object. The yarn didn’t pool or flash. It also didn’t look to pastel-cutesie. Before I started, I was a bit worried that colors might lean more toward sorbet than subtle. It all worked out, though. The scarf was beautiful. It was soft. And now it’s gone. I hope someone out there is enjoying it. Have you ever lost something you’ve knit?

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