Looking back

I can’t believe how long I’ve left this poor blog unattended! I’ll admit I’ve been so busy that it was completely forgotten until I got the notice from GoDaddy that it’s time to renew the domain name… Ooops. I guess it makes sense, given that my knitting has really dwindled as well.


Looking back, I started knitting “for real” in about 2007. I finished 7 projects that year–including my first pair of socks and my first gloves. In 2008 I was on fire–22 projects complete (5 were baby sweaters, but still!) 2009 also fantastically productive–22 projects complete again.


Then came law school. In 2010, I still had a respectable year with 20 projects off the needles. Looking back though, I was making a lot of hats, cowls, and other 1 skein-projects. I’d go months without knitting then crank out a few hats.


2011 was my banner year. I started attended a regular knit-night and the camaraderie and inspiration helped me to fully embrace the craft. I finished 32 projects that year including sweaters, shawls, socks, 2 blankets, learned both stranded color work and intarsia, and designed my first knitting pattern (and my second, and my third). I also started working at a yarn shop with a HUGE selection of luxury yarn and did some serious damage with my employee discount.


2012 brought the bar exam and “real” job hunting. Turns out, as terrifying as the test is, studying for the bar exam mostly involves watches videos of lectures covering the same materials as many times as you can to drill the content into your brain. I finished 36 projects that year–all fueled by nervous energy. Many of them were sample pieces for the shop I was working in so a few were single mittens/socks for display. A respectable number of projects nonetheless. I also publish one more pattern that year.


In 2013 I got that “real” job I was hunting for and knitting virtually stopped. I finished 13 projects that year. Almost all of them hats or fingerless mittens. I stopped working at the yarn store and rarely made it to knit-night. It was a brutal year in so many ways, and I just didn’t pick up the needles. I’ve never really gotten back into the swing since then.


2014 was much more optimistic, any way you look at it. I had a better (though not perfect) job, better place to live, and more of a work-life balance. I finished off a lot of projects that had been floating around the stash for years–like 5 years–and it felt like a fresh start. 13 projects were finished that year but some were large–a blanket, a sweater, two giant shawls. My 5th pattern was published. Overall, I’ve got no complaints with 2014.

I had a similar year in 2015. Only 12 projects completed that year, but I loved all of them. Again, I cleared out more lingering UFOs–3 sweaters, 3 shawls. While I was feeling good about my knitting, I virtually stopped blogging about it. I guess it was just one too many balls to keep in the air and that’s the one that got dropped. The last time I blogged (in January!) I was still telling you about projects from July of 2015. I designed another pattern but never got around to publishing it. (Maybe 2017?)


2016 has been… one hell of a year. I feel like my personal life is going so well while at the same time the world is falling apart all around me. Feeling both content and devastated has taken a weird emotional toll. So far I’ve got 10 projects off the needles.A small number, for sure, but for the first year in quite a while I’ve been knitting consistently again–not frantic bursts followed by long absences. Several of the projects I’ve focused on this year have contained large patches of garter or stockinette stitch. Most of my knitting these days happens on my morning commute. The simple stitch patterns not only make it possible to knit on the train, they also provide a soothing way to “wake up” on my way into the office.  Anyway, long story short, after a rocky patch, I’m finally starting to get back into the swing of things with my knitting. Maybe blogging will fall back into place as well.


What is your knitting history? Did you ever hit a rough patch?

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