tree farm


I have not had a Christmas tree since I stopped living with parents at 18. I always traveled home to spend actual Christmas day with my family, so there always was a tree on Christmas day, but I haven’t lived with a tree in… a number… of years. Until now!

We put up a tree on Saturday. I’ve been so busy (at least in my mind) for the past so many years that it’s been a really long time since I felt like I had a Christmas season. Recently, Christmas has been a long weekend at best–a quick exchange of presents, one delicious dinner, some hugs and kisses, and back to work. Having a tree at home really makes it feel like I’m getting into the holiday.

This is also the first year that I’ve actually cut down a tree. Well, I didn’t cut it down, Bob did the actual cutting, but I was there and I held the top of the tree while the cutting occurred, so basically, I cut down the tree. We went to a tree farm about 30 minutes from where we live. One of the things I love about the area is how quickly you can go from city to country. The farm gave us everything that we needed–saw, piece of tarp to lay down in the mud so you don’t have to kneel in the mud, then they shook the tree and bound it up so we could throw it on top of the car. They even gave us the twine to tie it to the car.

That’s the tree shaker… It’s harder to see what’s going on in a still photo. Once we got the tree home there was a small amount of grief over getting it not to lean in the stand, but we got it.

Then we got the lights and star on.

Then the ornaments. My mom started a tradition the year I was born (I’m the oldest) of giving Christmas ornaments as a gift. He favorite ones to give are Hallmark keepsake ornaments. She sent mine to me this year. I had enough to cover the whole tree!

What a nostalgia trip. Also, when I was a kid my favorite movie was Wizard of Oz, so about 75% of those ornaments are Oz themed. I’m going to pretend that it’s not weird to have 9 wicked witches on your Christmas tree… Do you have a Christmas theme? (Intentional or not…)


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